Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Farm Heroes Supper Saga [Latest] APK Download Free For Android

February 01, 2017

Product Description:

The cropsie are back and they are bigger than ever!
Rancid Raccoon is up too his old tricks again running the harmony of rural life be wining all the country show and stop calming the prize money for his sneaky self.The Farm heroes know he's cheating and its up to you to help them defeat him.

Help them in their mission to grow the biggest supper cropsie  ,with the country show and stop Rancid Raccoon running the fun for everyone.

Farm Heroes  Super Saga is casual where you have to match the fruits and vegetables found on the board,with the objective of gathering a certain number of them.foe example in some levels you have to go gather 20 bananas and 15 carrots,and other level you have to get 30 tomatoes and 10 eggplants.
One unique element in Farm House Super saga is that you can create super version of all the fruit this you Farm of square out of four identities are necessary to beat certain levels.
Saga game while collecting as many cropsie as you can,yo'll have to help fidget the squirrel gather his nuts,grow some supper cropsies and meet a host of exciting characters along the way!
Be careful Rancid the Raccoon is trying to stop you he will pop up where you least expect him.

Farm Heroes Super Saga Features:

1:over 100 amazing levels.
2:Formalistic games mood and super size new cropsies.
3:A host of new Heroes,but watch out for Rancid Raccoon,causing mischief where you least            expect.
4:Supper power
5:Easy and fun to play

Technical Details:


72.1 MB




January 12,2017



DOWNLOAD: Farm Heroes Supper Saga [Latest] APK Download Free For Android


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